Sales Management System & Application

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A single sales require a tremendous amount of work. Despite all the years of experience in the sales industry, Once each sale is not recorded, it will be difficult to keep track. This process is time-consuming and mistakes will be made during peak season.

Saving time and costs of a company can solely be succeeded by systemization. Micro-enterprises are working towards greater platforms, institutionalization, transparency and scaling greater big brands and quality products have begun to enter the micro-business field. Every micro-brand that has overwhelming orders has a powerful micro-business management system behind it to help the rapid development of the company.

Customer's Problems

Difficulty In Tracking Agent Activity

Price Control

Mailing Issues

Late Orders

Unorganized Agent Stock

Bonus Miscalculation

Customer Loyalty

Agent Authorization

Advantages Of System Application

How Systemization Helps Enterprises


Low Cost & High Efficiency






Organization Management

Our Services

  1. Customized System

  2. Logistic Management

  3. System Training

  4. Automatic Backup

  5. Micro-business Price Control

  6. Systematic Model

  7. Professional Team Support

E-Commerce Solution Service

  1. Website Settings

  2. Customer Experience

  3. Product Details

  4. Payment & Transaction

  5. Customized Transaction Plan

  6. Back-End System & Duplication

  7. Report Creation