Gold Billion Pharma is an Original Equipment Manufacturer/ Original Design Manufacturer/ Original Brand Manufacturer under the Tianz Global.Gold Billion Pharma has been established for decades to create a variety of quality brands, with leading system brand planning and management, coupled with high-quality packaging design and combat experienced marketing planning, successfully created a number of familiar brands.

Gold Billion Pharma is aiming at the needs of customers and creating a wide range of high-end products. The main core is to accurately analyze the brand strategy model behind the market, understand the main needs of the market, and focus on the long-term interests of the society to meet the needs and desires of consumers. Let the brand penetrate the hearts of the people and maintain long-term benefits.In addition, Gold Billion Pharma provides professional brand consulting to help customers understand the concept of brand marketing and give the brand a more precise positioning.

High-end packaging design is the benchmark for Gold Billion Pharma to create a brand; orward-looking design concept, eye-catching design style, coupled with a high degree of practicality, to create a sustainable and competitive leading brand. Who can win the attention of consumers, who have mastered the initiative of this brand war; and Gold Billion Pharma's flagship product is clearly positioned, the brand personality fits the deepest feelings of consumers, highlighting the product value.


Equipped with an efficient profit model to help you achieve more than 6-digit sales & profits per month.

4 Steps help you to Build Profitable Products


Strategic Layout & Product Planning

The head of the group will work with you to develop a successful strategic layout & product planning, including market strategy, brand positioning, product pricing, distribution system & product composition; to ensure that your product development can bring you long-term profits.

Product Development & Production

The OEM team will search for the best key ingredients from our certified suppliers to create samples that confirm the final product composition and volume. We have our own in-house production facilities equipped with the latest technology to help you produce your products quickly.

Registration Certification & Patent Application

We will assist in the issuance of licenses and patents during the product registration process. We can ensure that your products are licensed by the government and the market to be more effective.

Product Packaging & Logistics Delivery

Our team of designers will customize the packaging, labels, graphics and brand stories for you. At the same time, we will further create a marketing layout with you to bring products to market.